1. Entrance

These conditions of sale apply to Abes Carpet Products. All purchases www.abescarpet.com (the "Site") are sold through our web site., As a dealer Abes Carpet New mah. Ataturk cad. No 19 / A 01 350 Incirlik / Adana / Turkey, address ("us", "we" or "our") and (b) to the receiver as a customer ("you" or "your" in).

By signing up with Abes Carpet, you're at least 18 years of age, or your country of residence is considered a legally binding declaration must have reached a certain age .. This is all legal boundaries (state, federal, international, etc.) should be considered. It read, understand and comply with these Terms and Conditions and the law is your responsibility.

2. Legal Information

All materials contained on this website, information, data, text or images (collectively, the "Materials") are the property of and used with permission by Abes Carpet., These materials are subject to copyright laws and can not be used without prior written permission Abes Carpet. Abes Carpet or suppliers without prior written permission, copy, distribute, or wholly or in part, may not transfer to any material on this site .. Any unauthorized use of the materials, such as violations of the laws of that. Carpet Abes of this site is not responsible for, and violation of copyright laws regarding your use of the Materials on any obligation, Abes Carpet agrees to pay compensation.

Similarly, trade marks and logos and the "Abes Carpet" (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on this site including, without limitation, trademarks, registered trademarks or Abes Carpet Carpet Abes knowledge about prerequisites that must be used with permission. Abes Carpet trademarks are subject to the laws and can not be used without prior written permission. Any unauthorized use of Trademarks shall be deemed to violate such laws. Abes Carpet and / or trademarks are the extent permitted by law, by a third party have any such Trademarks shall be entitled to enforcement of their property rights. In addition, Abes Carpet held responsible. Your use of the laws of trademark infringement on trademarks shown on this site you agree to compensation Abes Carpet.

E-mail or through our website will be kept confidential any information sent over the Internet Abes Carpet and Carpet is guaranteed by Abes kullanılmıyacaklarını in any way we can. Any ideas, concepts, techniques or parts of the information contained in this communication or material new product development, marketing and production in any way, including Abes Carpet is available.

3. Payments

All payments must be renewed as a single payment.

4. Compensation

Abes Carpet, this site or the information or other materials are based on information provided by the user, either directly or indirectly to any action or inaction accepts no responsibility in case of any results. Abes Carpet and suppliers accuracy of the information listed above, can not guarantee the completeness of any information listed above, for any damage or loss shall not be liable for timeliness. Abes Carpet, affiliates, and breach of contract regarding your use of this site or any liability, loss, claim and expense (including reasonable fees, lawyer) suppliers, you agree to pay.

5. Use of Account

Carpet Abes of all account holders, their account login information (login and passwords) is responsible. Check-in information leaked to parties outside the case, the account holder is responsible for modifying login information accordingly to maintain the integrity of account. Including friends and family members, share your account information with anyone. Transfer your account to another party, or in case of a violation of this sub-item on the basis of this agreement is canceled cancellation of the account.

6. Or cancellation of the closing of the accounts

If you want to close an account, it must be in writing to protect you. This is very easy. You are sending a message to Customer Support in the space provided on the site close any account that can be done. Abes Carpet order to avoid potential misunderstandings, phone, e-mail or in any other way other than the above-mentioned method does not accept requests to close accounts. If you request cancellation or closure of your account, any data that can not be undone and Abes Carpet and / or closure of your account or a closed account recovery is not responsible for monetary loss caused.

7. Links to Other Websites

This site may contain links to other Internet sites just like the convenience of users. Abes Carpet is not responsible for the accuracy of any information on other sites.

8. Data Accuracy

In addition, any entity, such as the internet, it is not possible to understand Abes Carpet and files are available for download through the site will be free of infection does not guarantee or warrant, viruses, worms, or other code that manifest contaminating or destructive properties. The accuracy of data input and output for each user to meet their specific needs, and a tool for the reconstruction of any lost data maintenance is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and checkpoints. Quick System Cleaner Use of this site does not take any responsibility or risk.

9. Disclaimer of Warranty

Abes Carpet and suppliers, including, without limitation contained in this site and the information and materials available through this site, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose disclaim all express and implied warranties, and non-infringement. All of this information and materials "as is" without warranty of any kind are provided and "as available" is. Except as expressly stated otherwise, Abes Carpet accuracy, completeness or correctness, timeliness, or any opinion, advice, services or other information provided by or through the Internet is usually through this site does not guarantee usefulness.

10. Limitation of Liability

In no event Abes Carpet, parent company, or its suppliers, tort (including whether based on breach of contract, any special, indirect, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, fraudulent or unauthorized activity, the possibility of such damages or other damages shall be responsible for otherwise, even if advised negligence), product liability is assumed .. You agree to the above-mentioned limitations, restrictions, such as site does not exist and that the basic elements of this agreement can not be provided. This is the user's sole and exclusive remedy dissatisfaction with the site to stop using the Site.

11. Legal Issues

Disputes arising from this contract, TURKEY law is valid on both sides of the Terms and any matter related to them would agree that the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Turkey and all operations are carried out in English and Turkish.

If you are a consumer and you have the right to bring proceedings in your own language and its own domestic courts. If you are outside TURKEY consumer counseling organization, a local presence will be able to advise you on your rights.

NOTE: Note that you must accept the Terms and Conditions before registering for an account. This is to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are responsible for compliance with the above.

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